Tiny Passive Tent House

This is similar to the idea of a yurt, but much simpler to construct.


Basic structure

The shape of the structure is very similar to a Viking tent. The tent is 16' x 12' and 10'8" in height. The walls are angled at 60 degrees.

The outer walls are (mostly white) canvas over airtight pvc plastic sheeting over 2" denim insulation.

The 16' side base beams attach to 12' beams in the center and edges.


Cross section

Heating and cooking

The heating and cooking is provided by an indoor Rocket Stove, ideally an EcoZoom Plancha or possibly a Silverfire Hunter. There is a chimney with a wind turbine ventilation attached coming out of the top of the tent.

Temperature and ventilation

Thermal mass is provided by a 32 gallon trash can used for extra water storage as well as at least 8 5 gallon water bottles.

There is a 2-3" cooling tube used to exchange heat with the ground to normalize inlet air temperature.

DIY USB Heat Recovery Ventilator


Ie the rear is a composting toilet and shower/bathing area with a plastic container for a tub.


Electricity is mobile (USB) only. Solar is provided by 2-4 14W portable solar panels and stored in 1-20 20000 mAh mobile lithium ion battery packs.

In the winter the stove can boil water in a Power Pot to recharge batteries.

Lighting is provided by USB LED bulbs.

Hot water

Water is boiled on the stove or with solar thermal boiler and placed in thermos and thermal carafe which are placed in insulated thermal bag.

Before going to the bathroom or washing hands, hot water is poured into basin/bowl.


There is a planter containing a small species of bamboo. Gray water goes into this planter as much as the capacity allows for.